Now They See You, Now They Don't: Commercial Doors for Privacy and Safety

"Commercial doors" is a broad category of doors that includes more than just dock bay doors. In fact, it lumps together a number of door options, many of which include sliding doors and store doors. There are many kinds of commercial doors, three of which are discussed below and aid a company's privacy and safety. If you think that your business needs privacy or safety doors, here are some options you can expect.

Roll-up Sectional Doors

With roll-up sectional doors, you choose how much customers see and do not see. For example, some quick lube and oil change stations use sectional doors that are essentially all-glass windows set within a framework. Customers can see how full or empty the work stations are beyond the doors and know how long of a wait it might be to have an oil change completed on their vehicles. Other sectional doors only have "peephole" windows right through the midline of the doors. Employees can see out, but customers can only see in if they get really close to these windows and peep inside. 

Gates and Grills

These doors are like sectional roll-ups except they are completely missing the glass. Their purpose is to protect and bar vandals from smashing store windows, reaching in, and grabbing things from display cases. These doors roll up and down as well and lock into position once you are outside. The nicer ones still allow consumers to pass by and view things through the openings in the gates/grills, but they place a considerable distance between the consumers outside the gate/grill and the actual window surface as well. You can also buy aluminum doors with zero viewing ports that roll down and lock at night if you want total protection for your store windows. 

Accordion Doors

Closing areas off to the public should not be so difficult. With accordion doors, it does not have to be. Rather than roll up and down like your previous options above, these doors move side to side. Leave them as the folding metal doors they are, or have them covered in a fabric of your choice. If you are going to use them to surround the exterior of your place of business, definitely order them without fabric. Regardless of what you purchase, you can feel confident about the fact that all of these options securely lock with keys, padlocks, and so on so that you get the level of security and privacy you want and need.