Signs That It's Time For Garage Door Maintenance

Your automatic garage door can be a great addition to your home as long as it is working properly. When your garage door won't stay open all the way or struggles to open and close, you will need to have some maintenance done to get it working well again. While you can check to see if the brackets are loose or if there is any debris in the tracks, you might not know how to repair a twisted track or adjust tension springs. Most repairs to your garage door should not be done by the homeowner, as it is safer to have a garage door service do it instead. Here are signs to look for to know when to call in the professionals.

Your Garage Door Struggles to Open

You might get used to pressing your garage door opener several times to get your door to open all the way. If your door starts to close halfway through the process of opening, this is usually a problem with your tracks. Check the tracks to see if an errant pebble or twig got in there. A bracket could have come loose, making the tracks uneven. If a track got twisted slightly for any reason, this can also make it hard for your garage door to open.

Your Motor Won't Engage

If you press on your garage door opener and nothing happens, your motor could be dead. You'll want to check the power supply to the motor first to make sure this isn't the issue. There will be times that you used your garage door opener an hour before only to discover that your motor is now dead. If you have power to the unit and the sensor is properly attached, your motor may need to be replaced.

Your Garage Door Won't Stay Open

When you see your garage door shut slightly when it is fully open, this is likely an issue with your tension springs. You should not adjust the springs yourself. The tension springs can snap and cause you bodily harm. If you don't get this problem fixed, your tension springs can break and cause the door to slam down on the ground. Avoid this hazard by having your garage door serviced when you notice this problem.  

When you take care of your garage door maintenance early, you are less likely to have bigger problems occur. Call for help from a garage door service when your door struggles to open or when you see a problem that you are not able to fix on your own.