Three Reasons To Make Your Garage Door See-Through

A commercial auto store that provides automobile repairs and oil changes to customers is a store that is likely to be busy at all times. Customers will come in for quick refills on fluids and oil changes regularly. When your customers or individuals in the general area have their car experience issues, they will pull in to your auto repair shop to check on their vehicle and get the repairs that they need. For your actual autobody shop, it is a good idea to have garage doors that are sturdy and doors that are see-through. here are three reasons to invest in see-through garage doors for your custom automotive shop. 

Customers can see their car after hours

If a customer does not know the hours of your shop and drives by after hours, they will be able to look inside of glass garage doors. This will let them know that their car is safely tucked inside your shop for the night and is doing fine. This will also let them know that their car is being actively worked on. Being able to see their car inside of the shop via the glass doors will put some of their questions at ease, especially if they are unable to see an employee to ask questions at the time. 

Employees can easily interact with new customers

Your mechanics are likely to be busy throughout the day. They will be busy checking in new customers, working on cars that are in the queue, and ringing up customers after they have completed all of the repairs. Since they will get busy throughout the day, they may lag behind if a customer pulls up while they are in the garage and working on the cars. With glass doors, your mechanics will be able to see new people who pull into the parking lot or in front of the garage doors. They will be able to go to the office immediately to interact with new and returning customers rather than making the customer have to find them. This will improve customer service at your auto repair shop. 

Your workers get the benefit of natural light

Even when the garage doors are down, glass doors will allow light to filter through the garage doors. This will give your mechanics good light to work by. Depending on the weather, your mechanics may be able to work via sunlight only, rather than needing overhead lighting. This can reduce the electricity consumption and electricity bill for your business. 

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