The Three Main Purchasing Choices To Make When Replacing Your Garage Door

There are a few different types of purchasing decision you need to make when you replace your garage door. You need to choose the style, material, and insulation level of your garage door.

Garage Door Styles

First, you need to determine what style of garage door you want. There are three main garage door styles on the market today.

Roll-Up Garage Door

The most common garage door style is a roll-up door. Roll-up doors roll up and down on a track. When they roll up, they rest on an overhead frame. Roll-up garage doors are popular because they are affordable and economical when it comes to space.

Swing-Out Garage Door

Swing-out garage doors can give your garage a unique look. Instead of rolling up, they swing outward. Swing-out garage doors work well if you have lots of space in front of your garage door.


If you don't want to take up the overhead space in your garage, you could go with a garage door that slides from side to side. These type of garage doors will slide to one or both sides of your garage, which will take up space on the side of your garage instead.

Garage Door Material

Second, you need to think about the garage door material you want to use. The three most popular garage door materials are steel, wood, and aluminum.


Aluminum is great because it is a strong material that doesn't cost a lot. It is really lightweight, but at the same time, it doesn't easily become dented or damaged.


Wood is one of the most classic garage door materials because the material is easy to customize. However, wood doors tend to be on the more expensive side of things.


Steel is also a great garage door material because it is so strong and affordable as well. Steel doors are really easy to take care of and don't require much maintenance.

Garage Door Insulation

Finally, make sure you consider the insulation level of your garage door. The more insulated your garage door is, the more regulated the temperature of your actual garage will be. Insulation is measured in R-values; the higher the R-value, the more insulation the door provides. Insulating your garage can help increase the overall energy efficiency of your home if you have an attached garage.

When shopping for a new garage door, you need to think carefully about what style, material, and level of insulation you want your garage door to have. Garage doors last for a while, so you want to make sure to think through your purchasing decisions carefully.

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