4 Improvements For Your Garage Doors When It Needs Repairs Or Replacement

Older homes often have older garage doors, which can be outdated and worn-out. If you have an old garage door that is giving your trouble, you have the option to repair and upgrade the door, or you may choose to have it replaced. Whether you are repairing an existing garage door or installing a new one, the following improvements will make it better:

1. Add Insulated Panels to Reduce Energy Loss from Your Garage Door

Modern garage doors are made of sections of thin materials like vinyl or sheet metal. These materials do little to prevent air leaks or provide insulation. Even though the garage is in your home may not be air-conditioned, installing foam insulation on the panels and sealing cracks with weather stripping, can help to reduce energy loss and improve your garage door. This can also be a good improvement if you want to add a window or ductless AC for cooling in your garage during the hot summer months.

2. Install Windows to Give Your Garage Natural Light and Improve Its Appearance

Economical garage doors are often solid sections that have very few details and no windows. Adding glass to the panels of your garage door is a great way to improve its appearance, as well as give your garage natural light to save electricity. Talk with a garage door repair service about installing windows in sections of your garage door to improve it when you are having other repairs done.

3. Add Aesthetic Details to Your Garage Door by Installing Iron Hardware and Brackets

Imitation hardware details are great to give plain garage door panels a touch of details. Install, antique or replica, brackets, handles, and hinges to give your garage door a more traditional look. If you are installing a new garage door, there are models that already have the hardware details installed to give you this look. When you are repairing and updating an existing door, you can buy the hardware and fasten it yourself.

4. Updating Safety Systems to Prevent Accidents and Damage to Garage Doors

Modern garage doors have openers and safety systems to prevent accidents that can cause injury or damage the door. Inspect your opener for signs of defects and consider having it replaced if it is old and worn. In addition, make sure that you have a modern safety design that has a manual release for the opener and sensors to prevent the door from closing when there is something obstructing its path.

These are some of the improvements that will make your garage door repairs or replacement better. If you need help with repairs or installation, contact a garage door service like Edelen Door and ask them about some of these improvements.