Garage Door Maintenance: Signs To Look Out For When Your Garage Door Isn't Working Efficiently

When you have an automatic garage door, a number of problems can indicate it's time to have your door looked at for potential problems. Although your door may open and close, you might notice that the door opens much slower than normal. Your motor could be straining while the door is opening, or your door could be slightly off track. Even the smallest issues with the alignment of the door tracks can make it nearly impossible to open or close your door in one try. If your door doesn't stay open all the way, or you can't seem to get your garage door to close completely, it's time to have a professional take a closer look at your garage door.

Loose Springs and Motor Strain

The tension springs that help keep your garage door fully open can become loose over time. The springs help your motor work to open up the door all the way. Your garage door is heavy, and if the tension springs aren't helping to open the door, the motor is going to strain. This will lead to an early burnout of your garage door opener motor and you will have to replace the motor before your door will work again.

When Brackets Get Loose

One problem you can have with your tracks not lining up properly occurs when a bracket gets loose or falls off. You can check up and down both tracks to make sure that all brackets are in place. If you see a loose one, tighten it as best as you can. This will make it hard for your garage door to open or close all the way in one attempt. A broken wheel on your garage door or debris in the track can also stop your door from opening completely.

Pay Attention to Sensors

One of the easiest problems to fix are with the sensors that are eighteen inches from the ground and attached to your garage walls. These two sensors need to face one another or your garage door won't shut all the way. If you have a problem with your door shutting, this is the first problem you should look for because it is common for sensors to be bumped.

Your garage door should be checked periodically to make sure the tracks are clear and the wheels in good shape. Whenever an issue arises, call for help to get a garage door repair right away.