Tips For Improving Garage Door Performance

If you properly maintain your garage door, it can last around two decades. Routine maintenance tasks include cleaning the garage door tracks, inspecting for damage, tightening loose bolts, and ensuring the door opens and closes correctly each time it is used. To optimize your garage door performance, which helps to improve its energy efficiency and its lifespan, here are a few tips.

Clean It on a Regular Basis

Dirt and grime will accumulate in the garage door tracks over time. You can take a soft brush to remove this build up. A soft rag can be used to remove any pollen or dust from the opener to ensure things continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Tighten Bolts and Screws

In the event the important parts on the garage door become loose, it will impact the entire operation of the garage door system and potentially result in the components wearing out prematurely. So, on a regular basis, get your toolbox and inspect all of the bolts, screws, and other fasteners. If you find any that have wiggled their way loose, tighten them back up.

Perform a Thorough Inspection

At least once a year, it is imperative that you take the time to perform a once-over of your garage door system. In doing so, you will be able to find any potential issues that could turn into more serious issues down the road. If you are unsure of what types of issues you should be on the lookout for, that's okay; simply give your local garage door maintenance and repair service a call and they will be happy to provide professional assistance to you. In fact, the first time, it may be a good idea to have them come out to the house, perform a walk-through inspection, and you walk through it with them. This will allow you to know exactly what you should be looking for when you perform your own annual walk-through inspection.

Perform Repairs When Necessary

In the event that you locate something out of the ordinary during your inspection and believe a repair is in order, it is important that you repair it immediately. If you put the repair on the back burner, further damage could ensue, which will likely only increase the security and safety risks of your property and household members.

Owning a residential property with a garage door means that you must maintain and repair your garage door on a regular basis. For more information, contact overhead door services in your area.